Heey people! you might not know this but uh O_O STOP READING THIS YOU PERV.Yes I am adopted _STAY OUT OF MY HEAD >,< _Havok's Theory _Gangs are for those who are too weak to live on own will _Wanna know a secret?...PYROMANITASTIC _Uncle.Senior.Soviet.Russia!U.S.S.R.! _Bacon strips Bacon strips Bacon strips Bacon strips Bacon strips Don't hate techno!
I am Cal ayeee don't worry I'm not very motion wise here! tell me your secrets O_O
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I choose you! ♥ 

I swear, this is the perfect way to get me. If you are someone who is secretly in love with me, and don’t think you can win me over, well present this to me and you will have no issues I swear omg

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It’s a must have!

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Lani, look! :D